Produce Spotlight: Veggies for Grilling

Hello all and Happy Friday! A three day weekend is finally here, just in time to kick off summer! However the extended weekend isn’t necessarily the best part of the final days in May. This weekend is about Memotial Day: sales on everything from cars to shoes and having a BBQ!

Often times people associate grilling with meat; however, there is much more you can put on that charbroil that isn’t meat.

We’d like to take this time to share some of our favorite produce items to grill and how. You may be surprised just how many veggies you can BBQ.

A great and easy way to eat all of the veggies below is with a few simple ingredients: olive oil, lemon juice, Parmesan cheese, and salt/pepper. Combine a tablespoon of olive oil, and the juice from one lemon in a ziplock bag. Let your veggies of choice marinate in the juice for 30 min. Add salt and pepper to your liking and roll the veggies in a bowl of the cheese. Throw on the grill and keep on until the cheese is crispy. Yummy!

Preparation: Trim tough outer petals, halve lengthwise; blanch until tender.
Grilling Time: 8 to 10 min.

Cauliflower (in next week’s bin!)
Preparation: Trim the stalks, use long broccoli pieces.
Grilling time: 15 to 20 min.

Preparation: Trim tough end.
Grilling Time: 6 to 8 min.
Fennel (Anise)
Preparation: Remove leaves; cut bulb into quarters.
Grilling Time: 10 to 12 min.
Preparation: Halve lengthwise; rinse well.
Grilling Time: 10 to 12 min.
Preparation: Wrap whole bulb in foil; place over indirect heat.
Grilling Time: 30 to 40 min.
Preparation: Leave whole.
Grilling Time: 6 to 8 min.
Onions (in next week’s bins!)
Preparation: Peel; cut in halves or quarters; skewer.
Grilling Time: 15 to 20 min.
Peppers (in next week’s bins!)
Preparation: Cut in halves or quarters; remove seeds.
Grilling Time: 10 to 15 min.
Preparation: Skewer quarters and cherry tomatoes; halve plum tomatoes lengthwise.
Grilling Time: 3 to 5 min.
Other great veggies to grill:
Preparation: Soak ears in water 20 to 30 min (leave in husks).
Grilling Time: 30 to 40 min.
Preparation: Slice 3/4 inch thick.
Grilling Time: 8 to 10 min.
Potatoes (white, yams) (in next week’s bins!)
Preparation: Slice 1/2 inch thick.
Grilling Time: 15 to 20 min.
Squash, summer
Preparation: Halve lengthwise or slice 1 inch and skewer.
Grilling Time: 8 to 10 min.

What will you be cooking this holiday weekend? Share your favorite recipes on our page!

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