Summer Fruit-tastic!

Hello all and Happy Saturday! First we’d like to say congratulations to our first ever New Roots Organics’ Thursday Trivia Night on Facebook: Jonathan William Berg and Laurene Stappenbeck answered our question correctly first and will be receiving a New Roots Organics mug in their next delivery! Great job Jonathan and Laurene! We will be having trivia each week, so please play along!

Summer is officially here and next week’s bins’ fruits are proof. We’ll be having delicious strawberries, cantaloup and peaches/nectarines available. Fruit is a great way to stay hydrated, cool and healthy this summer. Look to fruit for vitamins and minerals that help fight against diseases.

Next week’s fruits offer even more: versatility. While they are delicious and sweet, next week’s fruits are a great compliment to savory meals.

Strawberries are a sure sign that summer has arrived. They are sweet, delicious and a fanfavorite! Add them to smoothies, make a tart, add them to lemonade, or eat them alone. And how do they work with savory meals? Add strawberries to a simple salad with feta cheese, roasted walnuts and a dijon vinaigrette for a meal all of your taste buds will enjoy! Find out more ways to add strawberries to your savory meals here.

Cantaloup is another hint that summer is here. Smell their sweetness from the core of their skin, and you’ll know your cantaloup is ready to eat! Many people don’t realize that this melon can be just as savory as sweet. Pair with figs and goat cheese for a refreshing salad. Get even more savory with cantaloup soup!

Peaches are BBQ staples. Make peach cobbler for a dessert just about everyone will enjoy. Surprise your tastebuds by pairing peaches with chicken or throwing it on the grill. With peaches, the savory meals are endless!

How will you be eating your fruit next week? However you eat it, it will be delicious! Share your favorite fruit recipes, both savory and sweet, on our Facebook page!

Be sure to also enjoy the great veggies in next week’s bins and check out this week’s recipe for a great way to prep Escarole, which is one of my favorites!

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