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Hi Carolyn, Just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for the wonderful organic produce you deliver to our doorstep every two weeks. My family loves 'produce day', and we end up eating almost exclusively veggies for the next day or two. My one- and three-year-old boys are turning into quite the veggie lovers thanks to your yummy deliveries! Also, I very much appreciate your thoughtful substitutions. I'm always pleasantly surprised by the 'extras' we find in our bin on the weeks that we have substitutions. Thanks for your wonderful service and all of your hard work. -Kendra Petkau (Bi- Weekly, Friday)
This Week's Specials
Green Beans
$2.99 12 oz
Kale, Lacinato
$2.29 Bunch
Grapes, Jupiter
$4.99 1.5 lb bag
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Awakened Walnuts from Hummingbird, Eugene Oregon!
Dried Mango, also from Hummingbird. No Sugar added..these are moist, chewy and absolutely delicious!
Locally Grown Shinseki Pears (shaped like an apple) juicy, fragrant and delicious! Grown at Dry Slough Orchard near Mt Vernon, WA
Jupiter Grapes from Oregon, a fabulous seedless purple grape that tastes a lot like a Concord.