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We deliver a variety of seasonal fruit, vegetables, or mixed bins straight to your door. The contents change every week and it's easy to customize your order. Check out a video of how easy it is!.

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Meet our farmers We proudly support organic agriculture and the people who keep it real.
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Just got the new sourdough bread delivered and I love sourdough bread and I am very picky and.......this is a great bread!!!! It just gets better......loved the wonderful pastured eggs when you added those and continue to. Thank you to the whole team -Karen D
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$3.99 1 pt clamshell
Rhubarb, Local
$2.99 lb
Tomatoes, Heirloom
$3.29 1 pt clamshell
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Local Leek Scapes, the flowering stalks of the leek plant that can be eaten like asparagus or used in the same way you would a leek or onion
Local Rhubarb from Frog's Song Farm! Use the tart stalks for amazing sauces, bake them into pies, crisps or tarts, or pickle them for added zing to a salad or cheese plate
First of the season Sweet bi-color corn from California. Some of the tops are trimmed which is common with organic corn. Shave the corn from the cob for easier sharing!