Yay for Memorial Day!

Memorial Day Memories by our own Carolyn…

May is a beautiful month all over the country, flowers are blooming, the temperature is warming and the days are getting longer. Anticipation builds for young kids as the school year comes close to an end.

Every year we would cross our fingers that it would be sunny on Memorial Day because being sunny made all the difference on that day.

Memorial Day was a special weekend in my hometown of Somerville, NJ. We were host to a road bike race that was on a national tour, which meant that the town had to close off all of Main Street and several others to create the mile long loop that the cyclists would ride.

The “big race,” as we all referred to it, was 50 laps and it took place in mid afternoon.  The day kicked off with a 5K Family Fun Run, that I would run with my Dad, my sister and brother. Several other smaller bike races followed until the big race started.

The whole town, it seemed, came out for the races and the streets were lined with vendors, photographers, ambulance and lots of spectators.

The air smelled of grilled sausage and peppers, pizza, & popcorn.

I can still hear the swooshing sound of the bike tires and feel the breeze they created as the blur whizzed by.

Everyone who lived on the streets that were part of the course had chairs and coolers, and some had food tents set up. It felt like one big party and I loved it!  After the races were over, the air gave way to backyard barbeques, where everyone went to continue enjoying the company of family and friends over coleslaw, potato salad and some domestic beer of choice (because that’s what we drank back then)

As I got older, and moved away from NJ, I would try to make it back for this day because it was the best day to enjoy my hometown and catch up with old friends!

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