Produce Spotlight: Local Cabbage Raab

Hello all and Happy Friday! We have quite the special item this week that we cannot wait for you all to try! Cabbage Raab is a unique and beautiful local cabbage. It may look like a bouquet of roses with leaves as petals, but I assure you it is fantastic!

“Raab” is something we have every spring from various local farmers and it is basically the early growth of from over wintered crops like Kale, Collards and Cabbage. Other than trimming off the bottom of the stems where they were cut, you can eat the whole thing, including the flowering tops (if you are lucky enough to get those!)

Don’t shy away from trying these out. They are easy to make and delicious as a side. My favorite way to enjoy it is to saut√© it with garlic and olive oil and some finish with a pinch of good salt. But it can be blanched, or steamed as well.

Try it out and let us know what you think on our Facebook page! 


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