Produce Report: So many goodies!

Hello all and Happy Monday! This week’s produce is coming in mighty fine. As wetalked about in Friday’s blog, one of our favorite treats this week is the Cabbage Raab. With tender leaves and flowering buds, ALL of the Cabbage Raab is edible and quite tasty! Just sauté them up like you would any other green.

We also have the “full size” purple beets this week. And they came in absolutely gorgeous today! Don’t forget the beet greens are totally edible as well. Chop the tops up and sauté them with a little garlic and oil for a quick side dish. If you have the barbeque going, you can par-boil the beets, wrap them in foil and put them on the grill to finish them. Fantastic for Spring!

While we are still in transition between Winter and Summer crops, one good sign Summer is soon on its way is this week’s batch of strawberries. Beautiful, bright and ready to eat, these strawberries will leave you wanting more! Juice them, add them to your waffles, bake a pie, or just eat them out of the bin!

What will you be creating this week? We would love to hear and share it! Describe your culinary masterpieces on our Facebook page! No dish is too simple or extravagant; us foodies love it all!


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