Produce Report: Kale Raab

Hello all and Happy Monday! We hope you had a festive and fun weekend. This week’s bins are looking great. In particular, the Kale Raab is looking fabulous. Check out our Ian O’Toole holding a “bouquet” of the kale. It may look a little spiky, but no worries. This kale is delicious! This is the sweet spring bunches of new growth on winter kale that pop up every year about this time. Chop it up and saute it like you would any other green or broccoli. And it’s from Willie Greens Farm!

The Navel Oranges are also looking close to perfection this week. We think the Navels are extra tasty right now. They are juicy and tangy, tons of flavor, not just sweetness. Just look how juicy they are! Orange juice anyone? Or try a delicious fresh orange muffin for a quick breakfast option!

What is your favorite item this week? Be sure to share your plans for that item on our Facebook page! We’d love to share your favorite recipes with fellow foodies!

Have a question? Don’t hesitate to ask! Contact us directly. 🙂

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