Produce Report: Bold and Beautiful

Hello all and Happy Monday! We’ve got some amazingly beautiful produce in store for this week! From the hearty greens to the bold crisp peppers, this week’s bins have bold flavors and beautiful colors! Take a look…

Deep Green Collard Greens

Full of nutrients and fabulous rich flavors, the collard green is a perfect winter green. Try this boiled with smoked pork, onions and garlic for a simple and tasty side dish.

Gold Apples with a pink blush

Perfectly golden with a subtle pink blush, the crisp apples are sweet and delicious. Perfect for apple pie, or a snack on the go, be sure to load up on these!

Purple onions

Sweet and with a kick, these purple onions are a great kick to your meals! Try them pickled for a fantastic addition to salads and sandwiches!

White Junior Turnips

Our spotlight item of the week, junior turnips are pretty awesome! According to Livestrong, “Though turnips can be enjoyed without any cooking necessary, warming them serves to further enhance their flavor making the experience of eating them that much more enjoyable. Limited only to what you can dream up and have time to make, turnips are so versatile they can be cooked in any way imaginable.”

Acorn Squash

A winter and Autumn classic, acorn squash will warm your bellies and your hearts. Fill with butter and brown sugar for a positively perfect dish.

Bright Red Peppers

Full of flavor, crisp, sweet and with a kick, this week’s red peppers are delicious! Eat them alone or add them to dishes for a wonderful flavor.

What are your favorite items this week? Share them on our Facebook wall by writing “I love…” or “I definitely want more of…”


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