Produce Spotlight: White Turnips

Hello all and Happy Friday! We hope you had a good week and will have an even better weekend! Next week’s bins are looking pretty awesome and are great for keeping healthy this winter season. One item in particular we’re looking forward to may not be at the top of your grocery list: White Turnips!

By definition, a white turnip is a “widely cultivated plant having a large fleshy edible white or yellow root.” But to us, it is much more! According to Livestrong, “Though turnips can be enjoyed without any cooking necessary, warming them serves to further enhance their flavor making the experience of eating them that much more enjoyable. Limited only to what you can dream up and have time to make, turnips are so versatile they can be cooked in any way imaginable.”

Green Your Plate blog author, Amy P. gave these awesome tips and recipes:

The roots can be shaved into thin slices and served raw in salads similar to radishes; they can also be braised or roasted. The leaves can be sauteed to make a nice green side dish to your meal.

I used baby turnips in the Balsamic Vegetable Triothat I made last week.

Some other recipes I’ve found:

Turnips are also very healthy! Turnips are full of vitamin C, B vitamins, fiber and with only 51 calories!

So we challenge you, NRO foodies, make your best turnip recipe and share it on our Facebook page!

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