Produce Report: Carolyn’s Favorites

Hello all and Happy Monday! It’s the first day of work after Daylight Savings, and you may be a little off. But no worries, while your routine may be changing, your NRO produce is still the same: Awesome!

This week’s bins are packed with excellent produce. Today’s shipments came in looking gorgeous. Just how good are they? Check out some of Carolyn’s favorites below!

Big Beautiful heads of clean butter lettuce

Huge and delectable, this week’s butter lettuce is ready to eat. It literally melts in your mouth so be ready to fall in love!

gorgeous large leaf arugula

A Carolyn and fan favorite, Arugula is a deliciously tasting lettuce is just as good cooked as it is raw. Add another dimension to your salads by tossing in some leaves of Arugula!

pretty pretty Pomegranates

Anything worth having takes work to obtain, right? Pomegranates are a true testament to the saying! With a little work, and a little patience, you’ll find that these vibrant and beautiful little gems (and they look like gems inside too) are sweet with a kick of tang! Be careful, they stain!

New Crop Valencia Oranges

Flu season is here folks, and what better way to keep those bugs away that eating a yummy and juicy Valencia orange a day? The new crop is in and we’ve only got the best! Juice them, slice them, or make them into a smile, these oranges are surely are a treat this week!

Deep red, super crisp Winesap Apples

Just in time for fall are these vibrant red Winesap apples! Crisp and ready to bite into, snack on these throughout the day or prepare them for a fabulous apple pie!

What are your favorite items this week? We want to hear about them so we can continue to provide you with them this season! Share your favorites on our Facebook wall!

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