Produce Spotlight: Escarole

Hello all and Happy Friday! In this week’s produce spotlight, we’d like to dig deeper into one of our favorite leafy greens: Escarole.

So what is escarole? Escarole is a variety of endive whose leaves are broader, paler and less bitter than other members of the endive family. In taste — but not color — it is almost indistinguishable from radicchio.

Like radicchio, kale and chard, escarole is a hearty green that thrives late into the growing season. The heart of an escarole head is less bitter because the leaves haven’t gotten as much sunlight (

And where did escarole come from? Escarole was cultivated in Britain and France since the late 1400s and has continued to be popular in those cuisines.  Within the past 25 years or so, escarole has made its way to acceptance by the American palate (

When do they taste the best? Flavorful, slightly bitter escarole thrives in cool weather.

How should it be stored? Wrap escarole in paper towels and store in an unsealed plastic bag in the refrigerator for up to four days (

Give me recipes! Escarole is great because you can eat it raw in countless variations of salads, or like most other hearty greens, it can be cooked slightly for a delicious bitter flavor. Sauté it, add it to soups, toss it in a casserole, however you make it, it’ll be fantastic! Here’s a few of our favorites. Yumm!

Fennel & Escarole Stuffing with Pine Nuts




Sautéed Duck Breasts with White Bean Ragout and Escarole


Escarole with Bacon, Dates, and Warm Walnut Vinaigrette

Escarole & White Bean Soup with Rustic Croutons

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