Produce Report: Local Loveliness

Hello all and Happy Monday! The produce arrived looking gorgeous this morning. Looking especially beautiful were our local favorites this week.

Yummy yummy sweet onions from Walla Walla, Washington are great editions to any savory meal. Looking for a way to showcase these in your meal? Drizzle olive oil, salt and pepper over these before wrapping them in foil. Then throw them on the grill for 20 minutes for a delicious side.

Another fabulous side meal or addition to savory meals is this week’s pink tipped bunched spinach from Mt Vernon area, Washington. This earthy green can be eaten raw as a salad or seared and eaten with/in just about any meal. Add it to soups, casseroles or on top of your favorite protein for a tasty way to get your veggies in! You can also add them to your morning juice for a boost of fiber and protein! What a super veggie!

Cauliflower is twice as nice this week! Look how gorgeous the purple cauliflower is! Bright and vibrant, purple cauliflower can be cooked just like white and can often be used as a substitute. It cooks a little faster than white and is a little more mild. When cooked, watch these purple bundles turn green! Both this week’s white and purple cauliflower hail from Western Washington.

Lastly, take a look at these mixed heirloom cherry tomatoes! Not as local as Washington this week, these little treats are still worth mentioning! Just look how beautiful they are!

What is your favorite item this week? Share your favorites and recipes on our Facebook page! Be sure to check out our Facebook each thursday night for our weekly trivia! Play for your chance to win free NRO gear in your next delivery. 



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