Spring is here with local rhubarb!

Hello All and Happy Weekend! We are very excited as Spring and Summer harvests are beginning to crop. California crops are building anticipation as the seasonal harvest works it’s way up the coast.

Locally we are enjoying spring radish, which are mild and not too spicy. Slice them paper thin to adorn salads or roast them on the grill for a totally different flavor. Also rhubarb is available for sale, and we have leeks leeks and more Leeks, Asparagus, & Cauliflower!

Rhubarb specifically is a sign the Spring is here and Summer is near. It is an acquiredveggie of sorts. And can be very intimidating due to its toxic leaves. However, rhubarb is incredibly versatile. Its stalks are great in stew, as a sauce, in pie or even candied!

It is also high in fiber, vitamins C & K and calcium! Plus, it is low in sodium and saturated fat.

Keeping it local, we always buy Washington apples and pears, but those as you may or may not realize are from last year’s crop. They are harvested between Aug and October and then the hardiest varieties are chosen for CA, or controlled atmosphere storage. This is a common practice done everywhere so they can extend the crop supply throughout the year.

This is the last week for pears, except for the fruit only bins, and we will most likely have apples until the summer stone fruit crops start arriving. The Fuji’s we have been getting lately are firm, dense and delicious! So stock up!

What item are you most excited for this week? Share your thoughts and favorite recipes on our Facebook page


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