Beautiful Produce This Week!

Hello all and Happy Hump Day! The week is almost over, but we wanted to share some great photos of this week’s bins. They look great!

The Yukon potatoes from California are in prime condition. I cannot wait to make a fresh batch of gratin with these! The Washington new crop potatoes will be in sometime in June or July, so expect those in the coming months.

The local rhubarb came in absolutely beautiful this week and leaf free so that there is no confusion. Remember, the leafy part of rhubarb is poisonous and not to be eaten. Check out the stems gorgeous red color shining in the sun!

We can’t wait to hear how you used rhubarb this week and would love it if you shared on our Facebook wall!

And lastly, we wanted to include this picture of a teeny tiny baby radish we found inside one o the bunches. Radish may be my favorite item this week!

What item do you like best this week? Share your favorite items, ones you want to see more of, and recipes you drool over on our Facebook wall! Sharing is caring after all. 


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