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Hi. Just wanted to express my appreciation for you! Thank you so much for all the amazing produce weekly and for the warm and thoughtful customer service as well! We’re so grateful! Oh and also for the other delicious food you stock, like granola and coffee and nuts, etc! Thank you! 
-  Dini B
October 25, 2023
( Personal Fruit Bin Weekly )

Your company provides the best produce and the most reliable deliveries. I recommend you to all my veggie friends. I take pictures and send them on texts. Thanks! 
-  Lucinda M
July 21, 2022
( Standard Veggie Bin Bi-Weekly )

I appreciate New Roots Organics! My produce has been great. Delivery has been reliable and accurate. I look forward to my box and I love the produce! Thank you! 
-  Lynn W
March 22, 2021
( Personal Bin Bi-Weekly )

I just wanted to let you know today’s deliver is the best we ever had. Everything is full and fresh! We are so happy. Thank you and happy new year :-) 
-  T.J.
January 8, 2021
( Personal Bin Weekly )

I just wanted to let you know how excited I am every Thursday to receive our New Roots box. It is a highlight of my week and I am very happy with your service. It's reliable, a fantastic selection, great quality, down to the thoughtful reusable bins we highly value. rnrnI really appreciate to have your great service feeding my family healthy produce. 
-  Christine D.
January 7, 2021
( Standard Bin Weekly )

YAY!!!!!! Thanks for cheese, chai, cider, and nuts. I like the new offerings. Keep up the good work. 
-  Cathy F.
October 20, 2020
( Personal Weekly )

Just a note to say how happy we are with our New Roots produce delivery!!! The option for every other week is perfect, the produce has been top quality and the bin serves as the perfect storage until each item can be used. You're the best of the produce delivery companies we've tried, and we just want to say ... thank you! 
-  Julia R
October 16, 2020
( Personal Bi-Weekly )

Hi -- just wanted to say that the plums we got a few days ago are the best ones I have ever eaten :) We're still very happy with your service and appreciate everything that you do. 
-  Bob S
August 3, 2020
( Standard Bin Bi-Weekly )

Just want to say thank you for continuing to provide us with delicious, high quality produce. This is making a huge difference in our quality of life. And a huge thank you for including the driver's tip option. You all are the best! 
-  Christian
April 3, 2020
( Personal Bin Weekly )

I’ve never been so deeply in love with New Roots Organics! Thank you for continuing to deliver and keep our family healthy and fed! 
-  Nora B
March 13, 2020
( Standard Weekly )

I have to comment on the eggs. They are amazing. I was making two pumpkin pies and that called for 4 eggs. I used two organic ones from the store and two from the sky valley farm. The contrast in size and quality was clear.....the sky valley eggs won the contest!!  
-  Karen
October 3, 2019
( Personal Bi-weekly )

I love the service and the selection and options to change up my order! 
-  Shannon G
September 25, 2019
( Personal Veggie Bi-weekly )

Let me use this opportunity to tell you how much I love New Roots! I don’t know how long I’ve been a subscriber. It has seriously been forever! We ALWAYS eat the whole box before the next delivery. I love the variety and the local sourcing when available. I love the reusable bins. I love the minimal packaging. I love that I never get in a fruit and veggie rut. If I was grocery shopping on my own, I’d never buy so much produce. I’d never spend the $42 a week on organic. I’d never get the variety. That being said, New Roots is seriously the best investment I’ve made for my health and my family’s health. I love it. I love it. I love it. Thank you! 
-  Nora B
November 28, 2018
( Standard Bin Weekly )

I look forward to my fresh and crisp produce delivery on Mondays. It saves me so much time, of having to go to the store and finding out they don't have what I want. I love how this service allows me to plan meals ahead, lets me customize, and saves packaging with reusable bins. Please keep doing what you're doing. Love this service! 
-  Veronica
November 9, 2018
( Personal Veggie Weekly )

I must say, when I pulled back the foil cover sheet, I was impressed- looked like a beautiful still life of fruits and vegetables- rich and colorful. Did you have artists pack the boxes last week? Well done! 
-  Jean R
June 8, 2018
( Standard Bin bi-weekly )

Thank you so very much New Roots! We have been so happy with your service. The food has been delicious and fresh, the delivery always timely and thoughtful. Thank you again, I will refer you to all my friends  
-  Melanie C
June 7, 2018
( Standard Veggie Bin Weekly )

The green beans and the complimentary grapes arrived in the gorgeous orange bag. The bag will be in the return container for our next delivery. Thank you so much. What a class act, great company! 
-  Susan R
May 25, 2018
( Personal bin bi-weekly )

Just have to say: What a beautiful bin today!! THANK YOU!!! (daydreaming about roasted baby cauliflower, yum) :) 
-  Ann F
May 22, 2018
( Personal bin bi-weekly )

The asparagus was AMAZING this week! So fresh and sweet! Thank you for finding such delicious produce for our family. 
-  Teresa S
April 23, 2018
( Personal bin Weekly )

I reactivated my New Roots Organics subscription after trying Imperfect Produce, they really don't have many organic options 
-  Scott S
April 19, 2018
( Personal bin Weekly )

We're cancelling because we are moving out of the area--thanks for all the great produce over the years! I always felt like I was opening a present every two weeks when I brought my delivery box into the house! 
-  Carol K
April 19, 2018
( Personal bin bi-weekly )

We have enjoyed our boxes very much over the years. Your produce and service are impeccable. 
-  Lauren D.
April 10, 2018
( Personal bin bi-weekly )

We are moving out of the country :-( I will really miss your service as this has been a wonderful aspect of living in Seattle. Wishing you all the best -  
-  Fiona
April 6, 2018
( Personal bin bi-weekly )

just had my 4th delivery this week. I am just writing to let you know how much we've enjoyed the Personal fruit & veggie bin. It forces us to eat more fruits and veggies, and the selection you have is awesome! It's incredibly fresh, and the size of some of the produce is astounding - in a good way! My husband is a very picky eater and produce, in particular, is not his favorite. We've found that the Mishirasu pears are a real hit - actually, the red crimson ones are fantastic as well! I think the bin is a fantastic value and even though I know what is in it (since I personalize my bin each week), it still feels like Christmas morning when it's Wednesday - our delivery day. Keep it up! 
-  Sabrina
September 29, 2016
( Personal bin weekly )

I don't believe that I have ever seen such a beautiful collection of produce in my life as in yesterday's bin. Breathtaking! Thank you! Betsy 
-  Betsy
September 22, 2016
( Standard bin Weekly )

This week was my first time using your service (I moved here from Waterloo, Canada and used a similar service there). Your produce is gorgeous, very flavourful and great value with the quality and quantity. Looking forward to eating them all, and trying some new recipes!! Cheers, Holly 
-  Ryan Holly C.
January 18, 2016
( Personal Veggie Bin Weekly )

Just wanted to tell you how wonderful your boxes are. I've been a customer off and on for a few years, and you never cease to amaze me. So incredibly yummy! Please, big thanks to the delivery folks as well. They never upset my dogs, and they always take care when delivering. I am a huge fan! 
-  Judi Chapman
May 27, 2015
( Personal Bin Bi-Weekly )

Just got the new sourdough bread delivered and I love sourdough bread and I am very picky and.......this is a great bread!!!! It just gets better......loved the wonderful pastured eggs when you added those and continue to. Thank you to the whole team 
-  Karen D
May 27, 2015
( Personal Bin Bi-Weekly )

It's been a wonderful experience getting fresh LOCAL produce and exotic items I might never have tried otherwise! 
-  Chris Comte
April 13, 2015
( Personal Bin Bi-Weekly )

Thanks for those luscious and buttery Concorde pears. They are the most delicious pears I have ever tasted. 
-  Christopher Maddock
January 13, 2015
( Personal Weekly )

You guys have been so great. I've recommended you to so many people. Great selection, perfect quality, friendly service. I couldn't have asked for more. I'm moving into an apartment, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to get deliveries from you guys there. I will check it out once I'm in though. I miss it already! 
-  Mandy S
November 5, 2013
( Personal Weekly )

This is to praise your service, the superb quality of your produce. I recommend you often...just now, on Facebook I told a friend how great you were! She was asking about Amazon "fresh". After all these years, THANK YOU! MERCI! 
-  Claudine Erlandson
May 3, 2013
( Standard Bi-weekly )

I just wanted to say that I'm so happy my family signed up with you guys! The produce we receive is fantastic! We are all eating healthier and feeling great. Thank you for supplying such a wonderful service.VERY VERY HAPPY!!! 
-  Dana Stork
April 28, 2013
( Standard Bi-weekly )

just wanted to let you know I got my bin today. Thank you so much for delivering a second one! I really appreciate it. I value new roots and its services and commitment to quality and customer service so much. You guys are the best. Thanks again. 
-  Abbey Carlstrom
June 20, 2012
( Personal Bi-Weekly )

This service has been fantastic. It is so easy to sub items if I'm planning a specific event, and there's been no hiccups with anything. Everyone I've talked to has been friendly professional and understanding. Keep doing your thing! 
-  Felicia
October 26, 2011
( Personal Bi-Weekly )

Just wanted to say that I am really enjoying my 'personal bin,' every other week, love the ability to sub out items, and find your service and veg. & fruits a great addition to my life! Thanks! 
-  Arna Elezovic
September 26, 2011
( Personal Bi-Weekly )

Just wanted to thank you for the great food and great service. We are really enjoying our New Roots Organics experience and have told others about it. 
-  Stephanie
July 17, 2011
( Personal Weekly )

Just so you know I love New Roots, I have recommended it to many people! It has totally changed my eating patterns, I now focus on the veggies in my meal and not the meat and starch (It helped me loose 20lbs). Thank you for making it easy to support the organic growing community!rn 
-  Laryssa Becker
July 13, 2011
( Personal Bi-weeky )

We absolutely want to continue getting deliveries. The produce is wonderful and the service excellent. Keep them coming!!! Yummy. 
-  Tanya Gardanar
July 13, 2011
( Standard Weekly )

I have been meaning to say Hi. And how much we still love your produce. It's been so nice to get consistently wonderfully yummy and fresh produce! 
-  Katherine
June 27, 2011
( D'Orazio Standard Bi-weekly )

I just want to say that I love this delivery service. I cannot tell you how comforting it is to know that I have fresh, healthy food in my fridge week after week. Although I've learned that I'm not a big lettuce lady, I've most definitely added a huge amount of veggies to my list of 'loves'. Fennel and celery root -- How did I go 24 years without them? At every opportunity I speak New Roots' praises. Thanks so much for all you do. -One very happy customer 
-  Rebecca Roy
March 21, 2011
( Personal Bi-Weekly )

Thank you for your great service, you shine in comparison to the others. 
-  Jill Armour
March 21, 2011
( Standard Fruit Bi-Weekly )

I would like to say how much my girlfriend and I enjoy your service. We look forward to your deliveries as if they were presents-It truly is a gift to receive such superb quality fruits and vegetables! Thanks again for a wonderful service! 
-  Ted Chen
March 9, 2011
( Personal Bi-Weekly )

Thrilled to be back! We tried another home delivery service for a little while and was incredibly disappointed with the quality of their produce. I was spoiled by how well you pick and chose suppliers and produce for your bins! So, we're back and we have learned our lesson! 
-  Karen Henning
March 8, 2011
( Personal Bi-Weekly )

I buy very few fruit and vegetables in the stores anymore! With regards to the Kiwi berries, that just goes to show you how superior what we get from New Roots is over what you can find in the stores! I am just so impressed over and over again with you customer service and produce! Thank you! 
-  Karen Kane
March 8, 2011
( Personal Bi-Weekly )

We have been amazed by how great the boxes are. You include a wide variety but it's all stuff we really want to eat, which is a difficult balance to achieve! My 18 month old gets excited every Tuesday and pushes the box into the kitchen, then hands me each vegetable to put away, proudly naming them as we go. A great foundation for healthy eating! 
-  Megan Lehman
March 8, 2011
( Standard Weekly )

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your service. I have been a customer for a number of years and I always look forward to the arrival of the bin. I've learned to cook and enjoy vegetables I'd never purchased before and every now and again something really unique arrives (Purple cauliflower!) You've never disappointed! 
-  Joy Shafer
March 8, 2011
( Standard Bi-Weekly )

I'm incredibly happy with my produce bin! Raise those prices-I'll pay em! 
-  Rebecca Roy
February 3, 2011
( Personal Bi-weekly )

Thanks for dropping off the cabbage the other day- we have been really impressed with the quality and service so far! Keep up the good work! 
-  Kiersten Hoskisson
February 3, 2011
( Standard Weekly )

Just had to tell you, in addition to my little girls waiting anxiously for our "veggie box" they are madly in love with your grapefruit! I couldn't even unpack the box before they started peeling it. Thank you for making it so easy for my family to eat healthy, delicious food. 
-  Jessica Early
February 3, 2011
( Standard Weekly )

I am a new customer and I am having so much fun with the fresh ingredients that you deliver to me each week that I have started a blog about it! Thank you for the wonderful inspiration that you bring each week! 
-  Jessica McClanahan
February 3, 2011
( Standard Weekly )

Just wanted to drop a note to tell you how much my husband and I enjoy your produce! We look forward to weekly delivery weekly and comment on how fresh every item is. We had the chard last night, and I think my husband called it magical. You can just taste the freshness! Thank you so much! 
-  Jessica Veach
February 3, 2011
( Personal Weekly )

My husband and I have been receiving our bins of fresh veggies from New Roots Organics for several months now, and we LOVE it! We have tried a handful of other organic veg delivery services, and have been slightly disappointed by the quality and/or quantity of produce we received. New Roots has been a very different experience, we await our deliveries like children awaiting Christmas! Thanks for providing such an awesome service-we tell all our friends to sign up! 
-  Sheri and Morgan LaVigne
February 2, 2011

Hi Carolyn, Just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for the wonderful organic produce you deliver to our doorstep every two weeks. My family loves 'produce day', and we end up eating almost exclusively veggies for the next day or two. My one- and three-year-old boys are turning into quite the veggie lovers thanks to your yummy deliveries! Also, I very much appreciate your thoughtful substitutions. I'm always pleasantly surprised by the 'extras' we find in our bin on the weeks that we have substitutions. Thanks for your wonderful service and all of your hard work. 
-  Kendra Petkau (Bi- Weekly, Friday)
February 2, 2011

I want you to know how pleased I am with the quality of the fruit and vegetables New Roots has been supplying. And everything you substitute is just as wonderful, plus you have been so accommodating to my requests for changes. Anytime you want an enthusiastic recommendation, I will certainly give you one!  
-  Jenny Garden, Weekly customer
February 2, 2011

Thank you so much for my first delivery! Everything is so fresh and tasty- I hardly knew where to start. One thing is for sure-with this kind of quality-I'll need to upgrade to the LARGER bin starting with my next delivery! I think that's the best leek I've had since leaving England some 35 years ago, and the plums were without a doubt, the best of the season! 
-  Velma Scalf
February 2, 2011

Our produce, again, looks wonderful this week! Thanks for taking the time to sort out the substitution confusion. Everything was in the bin and the correct substitutions we made. I am now waiting for my oven roasted beets to cool and we will be enjoying them tonight, we just couldn't wait! 
-  Karen Berger
February 2, 2011

Thank you so much for your continued excellent service and flexibility. We continue to be super happy with the bins and the service. Thanks you! 
-  Evan Whitfield
February 2, 2011

Although we need to cancel our deliveries, it's been a wonderful service and the best produce we have ever eaten!! 
-  Sacha
February 2, 2011

We have been love love loving our deliveries from you. The produce quality is damn near magical and we are very grateful for the excellent service. Thank you! 
-  Kathryn
February 2, 2011

I am so happy with the produce bin we receive every other week. You provide an exceptional range of fruits and vegetables. We could not choose a better bin of produce for ourselves. We also really appreciate the home delivery- since we sold our car last year, it really was the reason we chose your service. But it is the selection and quality of organic produce that have been so impressive. Thanks! 
-  Sarah, Doug, and Leaf Eriksen
February 2, 2011

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