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I buy very few fruit and vegetables in the stores anymore! With regards to the Kiwi berries, that just goes to show you how superior what we get from New Roots is over what you can find in the stores! I am just so impressed over and over again with you customer service and produce! Thank you! -Karen Kane
This Week's Specials
Green Beans
$3.79 12oz bag
Kale, Lacinato
$2.49 ea
$4.99 1 lb bag
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Last chance for Fava Beans! They have two outer layers to protect the amazingly large yummy beans inside!
Crunchy sweet Green Grapes in 1.5lb Totes!
On hot, sunny days, we are putting silver cool shield bubble sheets on top of the produce, Thanks for returning them with your bin!
First of the season NW nectarines and Cantaloupe!