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I just wanted to let you know how excited I am every Thursday to receive our New Roots box. It is a highlight of my week and I am very happy with your service. It's reliable, a fantastic selection, great quality, down to the thoughtful reusable bins we highly value. rnrnI really appreciate to have your great service feeding my family healthy produce. -Christine D.
This Week's Specials
$3.75 6 oz Clamshell
Cherry Toms, on the vine
$4.99 12 oz
Sugar Snap Peas
$5.99 12 oz
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Sugar Snap Peas from Coke Farm Coop sold in 12 oz compostable cardboard containers
Chocolate Hazelnut Butter from Hummingbird is just amazing. Spread it on toast, dip fruit in it, melt it and use as an icing.. click on the product for more information
Salsa Viva from Firefly Kitchens and Power seeds (pumpkin and sunflower) from Seattle Granola Co.!
Awakened Pecans, from Hummingbird Wholesale in Oregon! Absolutely delicious!