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Thank you so much for my first delivery! Everything is so fresh and tasty- I hardly knew where to start. One thing is for sure-with this kind of quality-I'll need to upgrade to the LARGER bin starting with my next delivery! I think that's the best leek I've had since leaving England some 35 years ago, and the plums were without a doubt, the best of the season! -Velma Scalf
This Week's Specials
Avocado, Hass
$1.35 ea
$1.99 ea
Tomatoes on the vine
$4.99 14 oz
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New to our pantry, Medium Salsa from La Salsa Foods from Eugene, Oregon
and Awakened Almonds from Hummingbird. Pecans are back in stock as well!
First of the season Strawberries!
Valentino Tomatoes on the Vine, Fresh Cilantro, Purple Cabbage and Hass Avocados for sale- Happy Cinco de Mayo!