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Nuts, Nuts, Seeds and Dried Fruit
Nuts, Seeds and Dried Fruit
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Image for Awakened Almonds
(6 oz Bag)

Awakened® Almonds are raw Organic Nonpareil almonds that are soaked overnight in pure water, initiating germination and helping reduce enzyme inhibitors that make all nuts hard to digest.
Image for Awakened Walnuts
(6 oz Bag)

When soaking, we rinse our walnuts in a mild salt bath, using Himalayan Pink Salt, and dehydrate at low temperatures until they reach the perfect crunchiness.
Image for Dates, Medjool (No Pits)
(11 oz)

Dates, Medjool (No Pits)
Image for Dried Mango Strips
(6 oz Bag)

hand-cut, clean, dehydrated Amelie and Brooks varieties, and nothing is added. The drying process ensures the mango flesh stays at 95┬░F or below, preserving the fruit
Image for Hazel Munch
(6 oz Bag)

A classic blend of Oregon Hazelnuts, US-grown Cherries, and Milk Chocolate.
Image for Power Seeds
(4 oz Bag)

Sunflower & Pumpkin Seeds, roasted, Nutritious & Delicious!
Image for Sunrise Paleo Blend
(6 oz Bag)

Superfoods goldenberries, pumpkin seeds, and goji berries provide a boost of important vitamins and minerals. Vibrant reds, oranges, yellows, and greens look delectable and the taste may take you to a tropical beach.