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A few words about Local growers, our produce selections and the weather...

April 22nd, 2011 - New Roots Organics is a HUGE supporter of local growers!! When there is local organic produce being harvested and sold, we are buying it for you! (I am not referring to the small quantities of greens grown in a Greenhouse in Eastern Washington that you may see in some farmer's markets right now)

Over the years we have developed relationships with several local farmers that we buy from directly during our NW growing season, which is always my favorite time of year! I relish the opportunity to speak to, learn from and eat freshly picked produce. The farmer's benefit from our relationship as well, because it is more profitable for them to sell directly to us.

I just visited two of our farmer/friends last weekend on Fir Island, just west of Mt Vernon, and they were expressing their concern for the fact that they are so late getting crops planted and their Asian pear trees have not blossomed yet! There are many indications that it is going to be a slow start this year.

A really wet winter, & a colder than usual spring is making it difficult for growers all over Washington and Oregon, to get their seedlings and starts in the ground on time this year.

The weather challenges are not specific to the NW; Crops have been affected from Mexico to Canada, causing big gaps in crop production making prices higher and selections fewer. I tell you all this to help explain why we are not offering more variety. Hopefully, we will have more options soon!

In addition to supporting local growers, I am also a big fan of eating fresh, nutrient rich organic vegetables and fruits throughout the year, which is what New Roots Organics is here to provide.

Choosing the produce selections, including the items available for sale and substitution are my first priority every week! The selections are not made haphazardly; there is a lot of time spent procuring what I think are the tastiest, highest quality, fruits and vegetables I can find. This involves a lot of questions, phone calls, emails and sometimes-even photos each week. I go to Farmer's Markets, and several local grocery stores to compare prices, see what they are carrying, & where it's from. I am confident that if you are committed to eating organic produce, both locally and seasonally grown, then your New Roots bin is a great value!!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to send an email or call. We are here Monday through Friday, 8-5pm (206) 261-2500, and you can always email me at [email protected].


Carolyn, owner
New Roots Organics, Est. 1999

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