Organic News, Washington Fires, & This Week’s Produce

This week’s lineup is here, but first we’d like to take a second to send our hopes to all of our Eastern Washington farmers that their families and crops are safe from the recent fires taking place. We have had some issues getting produce due to Highway 97 needed to be closed down, but are hoping to get everything from our planned bin on time.

what in this weeks fresh organic local produce by New Roots organics, washington farms' vegetables and fruit

In case you haven’t Googled ‘organic food’ lately in the news, there have been a slew of articles quoting a recent study proving that organic food contains more antioxidants and less pesticides, up to 69% more antioxidants than non-organic food! (Full article, Huffigton Post)

We’d also like to announce the Food Bank Donations button! 

This is an exciting new way we are helping to raise purchasing dollars to help get fresh produce to more people in our community! We are partnering with the U-District food bank 4 times a year and this month we are focusing on raising money to buy fruit for their program called Packs for Kids. Typically summer fruit is expensive and they are always in need of fresh fruit. So if you want to participate, just click on that icon found where you Shop for Additional Items, and purchase a “Coupon”, they are sold in $5 increments. At the end of each week we will tally how many were purchased and New Roots will add an additional 25% to the total we have to spend.  WE are already up to $194! This is really great- let’s keep it going.

Last but not least, another favorite recipe around the office, Green Bean Salad: just add green beans, leafy greens, olives, cherry tomato and summer savory.

The full recipe, as per for 1:

Green bean salad

Cherry tomatoes 100gr
Steamed Green Beans 100gr
A handful of Black Olives
A handful of Pistachios
Greek Basil
2 TBS Toasted Sesame seeds
2 spring onions

balsamic vinegar, Extra virgin olive oil, Salt and pepper.


Photo via Salad Pride
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