Ask Us A Fava?

This week we have Fava beans in our bins, a fairly rare find in the NW!

Therefore,we thought it might be useful to offer up a little information about what they are, how to eat them, and some great ways to cook them. Enjoy!

how to Fava beans with new roots organic, pohto by Ian-S

Via Wikipedia, we find that Vicia Faba, or fava bean, broad bean or faba bean is a type of bean native to North Africa and Asia. While it’s become uncommon in

America as a household item, it is still used regularly in Italy and other Mediterranean countries.

How to prepare Fava Beans 

Or, instead of following the French preparation, follow other cultures’ prep- don’t peel them at all. Mature beans might have too tough a skin to enjoy, but fresh and younger beans can be enjoyed with the skin in tact. If you’re a time saver, look for young, fresh favas for you and your family!

How to eat them: 

Our founder Carolyn loves her favas steamed and then smashed with a fork. Add a touch of lemon, some good olive oil and crunchy flake salt atop a piece of grilled bread. It’s quick and simple but tastes divine!

You can also try this delicious looking recipe for fettuccine with fava beans:

See the full recipe 

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