What’s in the Bin?

We have a treat for you (and ourselves) in this next delivery week- Every year we receive bunches of garlic scapes from the Filaree Farm in Okanogan, for only 2 weeks out of the year, and those weeks are upon us again!

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 5.09.20 PMWhat are garlic scapes? Garlic scapes are the “flower stalks” of hardneck garlic plants, although they do not produce flowers. These stalks start to appear a month or so after the first leaves. They are usually cut off of the plant, since leaving them on only diverts the plants strength away from forming a plump bulb.

There are lots of ways to enjoy scapes- they impart a mild garlic flavor to dishes when sauteed.Garlic scapes have many uses, according to GarlicFarmCT, ‘from soup to salads to garnishes: grill, stir fry, use them raw on salads, blend them into hummus or habit-forming scape pesto, mashed potatoes, and more.’┬áLast year a New Roots team member pickled them and they were fantastic that way! Serious Eats also recommends these 7 recipes for garlic scapes that sound positively divine.

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 5.24.19 PMIn a hurry and not sure what to add as a side to your entree? We’re throwing in beautiful Bok Choy from Mt. Vernon this week to save the day. Through these on the grill or in a pan with oil and garlic or ginger for approximately 4 minutes or until they wilt (similar to spinach). Add to chicken, beef, shrimp or other veggies to get your nutrients and a tasty meal in under 5 minutes.


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