All about Artichokes!

Hello all and Happy Friday! Next week will bring more amazing produce. We’d like to shed a special light on one of our favorite veggies: artichokes!

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Originally from the Mediterranean region, the artichoke is actually classified as a flower! And, frankly, we love this fleur! The artichoke was eaten first over 3000 years ago. Then, at the fall of Rome, it disappeared. Italy revived the artichoke in the 15th century.

Catherine de Medici, who was married to King Henry II of France at the tender young age of 14, is credited with bringing the artichoke from her native Italy to France, where its success was instant.

Today, California is home to 100 percent of America’s commercially grown artichokes.

So are they good for you? Yes! Artichokes are low in calories, with only 60 calories for one medium cooked globe. They are naturally fat-free.

The artichoke is a natural diuretic, a digestive aid, and provides nutrition to health-promoting bacteria in the intestinal tract.

Some studies suggest that fresh artichokes help control blood-sugars in diabetics and lower cholesterol levels thus warding off arteriosclerosis.

Although artichokes have a high amount of natural sodium, they are still lower than most processed foods, and are also good sources of fiber, potassium and magnesium.

Let’s get cookin’!¬†

Braised Artichokes With Lemon and Garlic

Cream of Artichoke Soup

Potato and Artichoke Gratin

Simply Steamed Artichokes

Italian Stuffed Artichokes

Vegetable Ragout with Pesto

and More!

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  • Raine07

    After watching Portlandia last night, I cracked up when I saw the first two items in this week’s bin: Celery and Beets! Anyone have any good ideas for uses of Celery, besides soup and ants on a log. I’m not a big fan of the taste or texture, but I want to learn to love it.