Produce Report: Spring Goods

Hello all and Happy Monday! We have some fantastic produce for you this week. As a brighter side of Spring, enjoy so many great choices this week: mango to kiwi to baby bok choy and everything in between! This week’s menus are some of our best!

Let’s focus on a few of our favorites…

Local Radish from Willie Green’s Farm

Crisp and delicious, these radishes are such a delight. And these little things are much more than an accessory to your salad. There are so many great ways to eat them! Check out these fantastic recipes by clicking here.

Did you know? Radishes are related to wasabi, a type of horseradish, which in paste form is a staple condiment of Japanese cuisine. Now, that’s versatility!


One of our favorites, this week’s asparagus is looking great! Big bundles of delicious asparagus has arrived. And asparagus is super healthy! Let us count the ways:

1 – can detoxify our system
2 – has anti-aging functions
3 – is considered an aphrodisiac
4 – can protect against cancer
5 – reduces pain and inflammation
6 – can prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis
7 – reduces the risk of heart disease
8 – can help prevent birth defects

Are you tired of your typical asparagus meals? Try these NOW!

Sweet Lime

This may not look like a lime, with yellow flesh and citrus, but this is in fact a sweet  lime. What are sweet limes? According to

Generally, limes are picked while they’re still green, but they actually turn yellowish in color when completely mature. Likewise, green sweet limes, while unoffensive, have yet to reach their full sweetness. Rather than having a high amount of sugar, the fruit contains less acid than ordinary limes, causing it to taste sweeter. Although the fruit’s pale yellow flesh is praised for its mildness and palatability, some have described the fruit’s taste as insipid due to its complete lack of tartness.

A few ways to use sweet limes:

  • Make sweet limeade, or add some to your ice water for a refreshing aroma.
  • Use the fruit’s juice to make sweet lime-flavored granita.
  • Incorporate the fragrant peel into in a homemade marmalade.
  • Toss into a Winter fruit salad for an unusual bite.
  • Tone down your cocktails by using in place of sour limes.
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