Produce Spotlight: Limited Lemons!

Hello all and Happy Friday! This week we wanted to shed a special light on one of our favorite items: Meyer Lemons. 

This week we have them for sale, but they will not be lasting long. Meyer Lemons are an extra special lemon. Naturally sweeter than regular lemons, they are great additions as fruit rather than just juice and for adding lemon flavor without the mouth-puckering sourness of other lemons.


Meyer lemons have a beautiful floral aroma that can add a wonderful note to traditional lemon dishes – lemonade, cocktails, and salads in particular. While their unique flavor can enhance lemon desserts, such asLemon Bars, they are not as acidic as regular lemons and should not be used one-to-one or blindly substituted in sweet recipes. When in doubt, taste before you bake!

Experiment with Meyer lemons on your own, or try one of these Meyer lemon-specific recipes:

With their peak season in March, these will not be available for much longer! Stock up on them today!

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