Produce Report: More Goodies!

Hello all and Happy Tuesday! Tomorrow is the first day of Spring, and what better way to celebrate than enjoying delicious organic produce? This week, we are enjoying more NRO favorites. We can’t seem to get enough! See why…

Miles and Ian holding some Raab and Meyer lemons!

Two great items held by two of our very own. On display are our spotlight item of the week, Meyer Lemons, and Raab. Both are fabulous items, that are even better together!

Meyer Lemons are simply the best. With just enough tart to add the lemon kick to all dishes, they have just the right amount of sweetness to rid of the pucker.

local kale Raab from Willie Green’s is awesome

Raab, or Kale Raab, is a great sign that Spring is here. It is incredibly versatile and packed with nutrients. You should definitely try cooking with this if you haven’t yet.

gorgeous Rainbow carrots

“Gorgeous” is an understatement with these carrots. There are perfection. With great colors and a wonderful flavor, these carrots will be delicious alone or thrown into just about any dish! Looking for a new way to use these? Try pickling them!

locally grown Red cut beets

The ever classic NRO red beet is back. We just cannot get enough of these! And if you’ve learned to appreciate beets, you understand why! Beets are packed with nutrients. They have a sweet, but subtly distinct flavor when roasted. Throw them in a salad, snack on them throughout the day, roast them, pickle them, and enjoy them often!


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