Produce Spotlight: Sweet and Savory

Hello all and Happy Monday! We are starting the week off right with more great produce! Check out this week’s items:

Cara Cara Oranges!

Spotlight item of the week, Cara Cara Oranges are not only beautiful, they are delicious! And our delivery of Cara Cara’s are exactly that! If you haven’t tried one of these yet, you are in for a treat.

They are perfect for snacking, juicy, or adding a kick to some excellent savory dishes. Don’t be afraid to try some new recipes!


Mini Sweet Peppers

Mini Sweet Peppers are packed with vitamin C and flavor. With just the right amount of spice, these peppers are can be thrown in any savory dish for a whole new dimension of flavor.

These are also a great snack! Dip them in your favorite dressing for an afternoon pick me up. Make them a meal by stuffing them with goat cheese and roasting them. Your palette and friends will love you!




Lacinato Kale

One of our favorite items, Lacinato Kale is back and great as always. Kale is one of those powerful veggies that are so nutritious and healthy. Plus, it is so yummy! Chop it finely and toss in a salad for a hearty lunch. Sauté it with garlic and olive oil for the perfect side dish. Throw it in the juicer for an extra boost of fiber and antioxidants. However you choose to eat this kale, we are positive that you will enjoy it!


Large Red Leaf Lettuce

Silky, smooth and delicious, red leaf lettuce is just beautiful. And this week’s delivery has huge heads! Eat this lettuce fast, as it is not one of the heartier leaves and may not last long in the fridge.

What are your favorite items this week? Share your thoughts, recipes and photos on our Facebook wall!

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