Produce Report: Parsnips, Acorn Squash, Chard & More!

Hello all and Happy Monday! How do you get over the Sunday blues? Start your week with a whole new bundle of delicious local organic produce! And this week’s delivery is sure to make your week fantastic! Let’s take a peek…

Gorgeous Rainbow Chard

Rainbow Chard. Hearty, nutritious, tasty and versatile, Rainbow Chard is one of those power veggies that once you have, you’ll fall in love with. The best part? Put it in anything! It is great in soup, seared by itself, chopped in salad, or thrown into a casserole! Looking for inventive ways to cook with chard this week? Try these!

Local Parsnips

Don’t let parsnips scare you away. They aren’t used often, but they’re pretty awesome when you give them a try! Parsnips are similar to potatoes, and sort of like carrots, thus, you can add them to just about anything! They take flavors perfectly. Are you new to parsnips? Let these recipes break you in.

Sweet Nante carrots from T&D Willey Farm

Sweet carrots! Full of vitamin C, these carrots will keep you healthy this flu season. Not to mention, these carrots are truly the best. Chop them, chomp them, steam them, stew them, just eat them and enjoy them!

Rio Star Grapefruit (they are still fabulously delicious!)

Another fantastic way to stay healthy during the cold season? Try eating a grapefruit every morning. While it’s a little bitter, it is truly delicious. With a flavor as powerful as its vibrant colors, grapefruit will energize you, keep you healthy, and wake you up.

Spotlight item of the week: Acorn Squash

Acorn squash is more than just a baked good. Unknown to many, the acorn squash is super versatile! Just how many different dishes can one make with this squash? found 10 great new ways to enjoy acorn squash, hitting every tastebud and every type of dish.

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