Produce Report: Eggplant, Tangerines & More!

Hello all and Happy Monday! It’s that time again for a new week of great produce to keep you healthy and satisfied! If you haven’t received your delivery yet, you are truly in for a treat! Let’s see a few reasons why…

Temple Tangerine

Temple tangerines are delicious, juicy and simply beautiful! A fantastic boost in vitamin C, be sure to grab one of these on your way out. Flu season is still looming and still really bad.

Have you tried juicing a tangerine yet? It is fantastic! It is a great alternative to orange juice and provides a much sweeter, distinct flavor. There’s nothing better than fresh juice!

For the adults who like to spike their juice, try this very yummy way to incorporate tangerines into staying warm this winter. Drink Responsibly, of course.


Green Cabbage

This week’s green cabbage is just perfect! Green cabbage is often underrated and overlooked, but it is quite versatile, healthy and tasty. Slice and chop your cabbage into a salad, or throw it in your favorite chicken noodle soup recipe for extra flavor and nutrition. My favorite way is to sautee green cabbage with onions, garlic and tomatoes, a splash of vinegar and a sprinkle of slat, pepper & sugar. Yum!

Perfect Eggplant

Eggplant is just so good, and this week’s delivery is proof. They are just beautiful.

Eggplant tastes great in so many different dishes and works well with so many different flavors. Whether you feel like eatingĀ mediterranean, italian, indian, or even mexican, eggplant will successfully fill your craving! Or if you just love eggplant, sprinkle with salt, pepper and olive oil for a quick treat!

Garnet Yams

The holidays may be over, but garnet yams are, truly, always good. Sweet, buttery, savory, yams are a guilty pleasure that is even better organic!

And I think that they can be quite versatile. So I challenge you, great foodies, with this week’s yams, how would you make them (other than the typical candied)? Share your recipes on our Facebook wall and spread the recipe love!

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