Produce Spotlight: D’anjou Pears

Hello all and happy Saturday! We hope you are staying warm this weekend! We have great versatile produce next week, perfect for soups, stews and chilies! We’ll also have some great fruit, perfect for baking, juicing and staying healthy! One item we are definitely excited for are the D’anjou pears. Here’s why…

Pears in general are quite tasty, whether you like them sweet and slightly mushy, or solid with subtle floors, we all have our preference in pears. D’anjou pears are the perfect balance.

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Anjou pears have a mild flavor and a firm texture, while still being sweet and juicy. They can be green or red (which are often labelled “Red Anjou” or even simple “red pears”), but the color doesn’t indicate any major flavor or texture difference. Anjous are great for eating out of hand or for cooking. They’re great in a Pear Fennel Walnut Salad, and work well in Pear Sorbet or aClassic Pear Tart.

Fantastic!  That makes me want one now! But this pear isn’t just one for the best types of pears for its flavor and texture; it’s also full of nutrients! Packed with vitamin c and fiber, grab one of these on the go to stay healthy this winter!

Fun factThe pear has long been a popular fruit in both the United States and Europe and is considered part of the cultural heritage of Europe. In present day Spain there is a juvenile expression, esto es “la pera” (this is the pear), when referring to a particularly wonderful or enjoyable situation or experience.

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