Produce Report: Quintessentially Perfect

Hello all and Happy Tuesday! We are almost half done with the week and are loving this week’s bins! If you’ve already received your deliveries, you know exactly what we mean. If you’ll be receiving it later this week, take a look at what you can expect!

“Quack quack,” said the tomato duck!

Our favorite item of the day, unfortunately this adorable tomato won’t be in every bin, but we had to share it with you! Tomatoes are truly amazing. A fruit packed with nutrients, tomatoes are the base to so many foods! Whether you are having soup, making a sauce, throwing together pasta or pizza, making a salad or even juicing, tomatoes are essential! How many ways can you cook with a tomato?

Ruby Red Beets with Tops

Don’t let beets fool you, these are delicious! And enjoy the tops, too!

To eat a beet you have to get rid of the paper-thin skin first. You can peel it off while it’s raw (getting your fingers stained scarlet in the process; beets stain everything, even your innards). Or you can roast the beets gently until they’re succulently tender, then rub the skins off with a paper towel.

Here are five of our favorite ways to eat beets.

  1. Raw! – Yes, beets are quite good raw. Slice them up and serve them with asprinkle of chile and lemon. Delicious.
  2. Roasted with goat cheese. – The classic, all-time favorite preparation. Roast beets until they are tender and juicy, then eat them with some spicy greens and piquant goat cheese. Add some hazelnuts and you’re in heaven.
  3. In a salad. – Beets make a good complement to other salad staples. Try them tossed with barley and feta in a grain salad, or with onions and horseradish cream in an elegant composed dinner salad.
  4. Pickled! – Pickled beets are just marvelous. The tangy vinegar and sweetness complements beets’ earth undernotes. Try a quick batch of refrigerator beet pickes.
  5. As dessert. – Beets and their smoky, earthy sweetness are the secret ingredient in some fabulous desserts, such as red velvet cake!

Braeburn Apples

Delicious Braeburn Apples are crisp, juicy and ready to be devoured! Enjoy these ones; they are a favorite!

Gorgeous, fresh, super crunch and super sweet Nante’ variety of carrots from Something Good Farm in Santa Barbara.

Not an everyday item in New Roots bins, take advantage of these delicious carrots! So sweet and yummy, these are sure to go quick for carrot lovers! And guess what! You can eat the tops too! Check out more info here!


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