Produce Report: Perfect as Planned

Hello all and Happy Monday! Let’s start our week off right with another installment of our weekly produce report. With the turbulent weather this autumn/winter, we’ve had to make several adjustments in past orders. This week, however, the produce is perfect and gorgeous! Take a look…


Looking for the best broccoli recipe you’ve ever had? Try this one we found from Let us know what you think? Sounds pretty fantastic to us!


Nature’s jewel, pomegranates are delicious, nutritious and simply divine…once you get them out!

The best way – and it’s proven – to dig out these delicious seeds, according to Carolyn, is to fill the sink or a deep bowl with water, cut the fruit in half and immerse it in the water.

This softens the white pith holding the seeds and allows you to gently coerce them from the membrane without destroying any of the precious seeds!


Stay healthy this flu season by fueling your health with a bunch of spinach! One of the best super foods, spinach is full of nutrients and antioxidants to keep you strong and healthy all year long.


How many different ways can you eat a tomato? Bet you can’t count them all on your fingers and your toes combined! Tomatoes are so versatile and used in so many dishes in so many cultures. Pair with your favorite flavors for a truly amazing meal. Roasted, fried, in soups, sliced, chopped, diced, stewed, grilled…the possibilities are endless! Share your favorite tomato recipe on our Facebook wall!

Rainbow Chard

One of our favorite winter greens, rainbow chard is excellent with a hearty flavor. Use them as you would your favorite greens. Chop them and eat them in a salad. Throw them into your favorite soup or pasta dish. Or simply sear them alone for a fantastic dish on its own.

Feeling inspired? Share your favorite recipes and tips to any of our items on our Facebook wall!


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