Produce Report: Pretty Perfect Produce

Hello all and Happy Monday! This week’s produce arrived in gorgeous condition this morning. If you haven’t received your bin yet, you are in for a treat! Take a peek at what you can expect this week!

This week’s globe eggplant are huge and beautiful! Though it comes in many shapes and sizes, all eggplants can be sautéed, baked, fried, stuffed, stir-fried, grilled and much more. To take the mystery out of choosing, storing, and cooking different varieties, these tips will ensure your eggplant tastes mild and is meltingly smooth. Eggplants need to be thoroughly cooked until soft and creamy; then it is receptive to blending with assertive spices, herbs, and other flavor combinations. When you grill eggplant slices, keep the peel on for easier handling.

With Autumn, comes fabulous leafy greens, and this week’s spinach is no exception. Load up, because as we’ve previously discussed, spinach is not only delicious; it’s nutritious! Low in calories and high in vitamins, spinach is one of the most nutrient-dense foods in existence. It is a good, very good or excellent source of more than 20 different measurable nutrients, including dietary fiber, calcium and protein. And yet, 1 cup has only 40 calories! Spinach is an excellent choice for nutrition without high calories.

Yellow Sweet Gypsy Peppers are back and we are thrilled! Coming in from Alvarez Farms, these peppers are a fantastic addition to many meals. They add just enough kick, with a sweet subtle flavor.

Try these stuffed, grilled, or pickled for a distinct dish. They are also perfect for salads!

A fan favorite this week are the Purple Carrots! Aren’t they awesome?! Their unique color reflects their healthy phytochemical constituents. Not only does ‘Purple Haze’ have the vitamin A and beta-carotene of ordinary carrots—evident in its orange center—it’s also rich in anthocyanins, the antioxidant compounds that give blueberries their distinctive color and superfood health benefits. Studies have found that these blue and purple pigments can improve memory, enhance vision, protect against heart attacks, act as anti-inflammatories, and even help control weight.

Slice them open and they’ll look even more beautiful! Eat these as you would any other carrot!


What are your favorite items this week? We’d love to hear them so that we can keep providing you with your favorites! Share your recipes, photos and thoughts on our Facebook wall!

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