Produce Report: Local Fall Favorites

Hello all and Happy Monday! Let’s get the week started off right with some of our favorites from the menu! If you haven’t yet received your box, you are in for some treats this week! And if you received your box today, you can vouch for just how great this week’s bins are! Take a look at some of our faves:

Delicious tomatoes! Crisp and ready to eat, there are endless ways to make an amazing tomato dish. And we want to know your favorites! Share your favorite way to use tomatoes on our Facebook wall! My personal favorite: homemade salsa. Yumm!



Fall Squash has arrived! A fan and warehouse favorite, fall squash is perfect for savory and hearty meals. Plus, they are so nutritious and have an awesome look!





Leeks please! Full of flavor and a great addition to any meal, leeks are especially great in the fall when added to soups, pasta and casseroles.






Broccoli is definitely delicious all year around and there are so many great ways to eat it! Whether it’s cooked or raw, alone or in a dish, broccoli tastes good and is good for you!






This week’s shipment of spinach is beautiful. The leaves are crisp and hearty. Stay strong and keep your energy up with a bundle of spinach this week. Super nutritious and great for juicing, spinach will keep you healthy as flu season approaches!



The infamous Elstar apples have arrived! And they are just perfect. Crisp, juicy and sweet, they’re ready for apple pie or just eaten alone! A snack favorite!




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