Produce Spotlight: Inside Basil

Hello all and Happy Friday! Summer is half way over, but the produce in the Northwest is in its prime! We are very lucky to have the majority of our menu coming from local farms next week. And our bins will be full of some summer favorites!

Get the grill ready! We’ll be having gorgeous corn, carrots, broccoli, green beans, green peppers and eggplant! Drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper for a fantastic mid-season meal.

Don’t forget that local basil is also for sale this week! One of my favorite herbs, basil will add a distinct licorice flavor, good for just about any meal. It pairs perfectly with sweet, savory, and spicy, especially all together at once! Throw on top of your pizza, mix it with butter for over your fish, toss it in with your salad, or grind it for a fabulous dip. Basil is a delicious and versatile herb!

But let’s dig a little deeper. There’s more to this herb than meets the eye and mouth!┬áBasil, which is native to Asia, and more specifically India, has more history then you could imagine. It has been around for thousands of years and over the years the plant has been linked with closely with folklore and mythology. It has been linked in many ways, but not more so than the link between household and love.

Herbs such as basil have not always been used in cooking. They were gathered rather for their healing and medicinal properties. In many cultures they were even felt to have magical properties, and were associated with religious activities. However, it is certain that humans have recognized the flavor enhancements of these plants for a long time, and although this was not their primary purpose, no doubt many a herb found its way into a cooking pot hung over an open fire in some long ago cave.

Be sure to grab your bundle of basil this week and share your favorite ways to use it!

Thank you to basil for their knowledge and insight form this post.

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