Produce Spotlight: Local Radishes

Hello all and Happy Friday! Summer crops are starting just south of the California border, so anticipation builds as the seasonal harvest works it’s way up the coast.

 We are happy to be including those tasty little sweet Nante carrots from Something Good Farm in Santa Barbara, CA. They may not be the prettiest, but they definitely are the tastiest. Locally we are excited to have crisp Washington Asparagus for everyone!

We are also enjoying spring red round radish, from Siri and Son farm in Oregon, which are mild and not too spicy. Many people don’t realize how versatile the radish is. Also known as the Magic Root, the radish grows quickly. In just three weeks, a radish is fully-grown and ready to eat!

Nutritionally, the radish is a low calorie vegetable that has no fat or cholesterol. With very little sodium and no protein, radish nutrition facts reveal that the major nutrient contained in ½ cup of radishes is dietary fiber. With 2 grams of carbohydrates, however, one serving of radishes will keep you full of energy.

Radishes can be used in a variety of ways. Already great for salads or cooling down your mouth after eating spicy food, the radish holds more ground than you may think. From radish chips to radish curry to even a radish tart, these little roots can be in just about any meal throughout the day.

Our favorite recipe? Slice them paper thin to adorn salads or roast them on the grill for a totally different flavor.

How will you be eating your radishes next week? Share your recipes for the radish and all of your favorite items on our Facebook page!

REMEMBER – Rhubarb is available for sale again if you are a lover of a good rhubarb crisp as I am!  Another local item we are adding to this week’s bin which is Red Chard from Tom Zimmerman of Glory B Farm in Gray’s Harbor, Washington.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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