Happy Easter!

Hello all and Happy Easter! I know I keep mentioning this, but it’s worth repeating. Spring means transition time in the produce world, so please be patient as we wait for more variety to become available, and it will, I promise.

In keeping with our Local first promise, we are featuring every local item we can as it becomes available. This week, in addition to more local leeks from Ralph’s in Mt Vernon, you will find tender little bunches of Lacinato Kale “Raab” from Willie Greens Farm in Monroe. “Raab” is something we have every spring from various local farmers and it is basically the early growth of from over wintered crops like Kale, Collards and Cabbage.

Other than trimming off the bottom of the stems where they were cut, you can eat the whole thing, including the flowering tops (if you are lucky enough to get those!) My favorite way to enjoy it is to saute it with garlic and olive oil and some finish with a pinch of good salt. But it can be blanched, or steamed as well.

Enjoy the baby bunched beets. I decided to include them again this week even though they are as small as radish because the greens are beautiful and can be eaten and the beets are super sweet and tasty! Just think of them as more of a garnish or accent to a salad, and NOT a main dish.

Sunny Honey, we just got a new shipment in of light and delicious clover honey from Eastern Washington to bridge the gap until the Western Washington summer varieties are back in stock!

Check out this week’s recipe for a very tasty spring cake/bread you can enjoy for brunch or dessert! Also, look for more information about the produce in your bin on our Facebook page!

We stand by our quality and service 100%, so please contact us right away if you have any problems, or questions!

We always have Garlic for sale by the lb. It is $4.99 per lb, which is 8 bulbs, and the smallest portion you can order is .25 lbs, which is 2 bulbs (or heads)

Today’s Tip! If you need to SKIP a delivery, please login to your account to make changes or call us during business hours. Emails are not always reliable, and we may not see it in time to assist you.

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