Produce Spotlight: Carrots with Tops

Hello all and Happy Friday!! Next week’s bins are full of some favorites. Leeks and collards are back in case you didn’t get a delivery last week. Cauliflower is a treat that is often understated for its deliciousness and versatility.

This week, however, we’d like to shed a special light on the ever popular carrot. While being Bugs Bunny’s favorite snack, it’s also a wonderful treat for us. Not only is it great for keeping your eye sight healthy, it is good in just about every type of meal!

A little history: The cultivated carrot is believed to originate from Afghanistan before the 900s, as this area is described as the primary center of greatest carrot diversity. The first cultivated carrots exhibited purple or yellow roots. Carrot cultivation spread to Spain in the 1100s via the Middle East and North Africa. In Europe, genetic improvement led to a wide variety of cultivars. White and orange-coloured carrots were first described in Western Europe in the early 1600s. The Asiatic carrot was developed from the Afghan type and a red type appeared in China and India around the 1700s. (

So just how versatile is the carrot? For breakfast, try carrot pancakes or carrot muffins! Looking for a carrot-filled lunch? How does a carrot salad with soup sound? Even dinner is covered if you’ve got some carrots. Add roasted carrots to any entree for a delicious and healthy side dish. On the go? Juice your carrots for a quick way to get your veggie fix for the day! Hungry at work?Bring some raw carrots to snack on with your favorite dressing to dip in.

Put them in soup, stew, mash them, sauté them, roast them, grill them. Eat them raw, eat them cooked. Eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whatever you like, carrots could surely be added to the meal! Who knew just how great the carrot was?! Find more great carrot recipes here!

What’s your favorite way to eat carrots? Share it on our Facebook page! Have a fantastic weekend! 


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