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How Our Service Works
If you get as excited as we do about produce, you will be happy to be on board the New Roots Organics team.

We offer the Seattle area the freshest, organic produce available.

We spend significant time and energy to ensure that we create fruitful relationships with a diverse range of farmers to always bring you the best product we can find, while also supporting the amazing people that grow it for us. Our organic produce is so good that we even guarantee it.

To sign up for our service, you will be asked to pick your desired bin size. This is either our Personal bin or our Standard bin, each containing a mix of produce, with the Standard bin being the larger of the two. The amount of each item in the assortment depends on the size of your order. Bins are available in all-fruit, and all-veggie combinations, too.

The right bin size for you will depend on how much of a produce monster you are, and how many other produce monster family and friends you have around. It is easy to change your bin size, so if you received too much or too little, simply log into your account and change your subscription.

We create seasonal assortments each week that can be personalized just for you. Once you have signed up for service, we will send you a reminder email on the Friday afternoon before your next delivery. This email will let you know what is coming in your box by default. You will have until 7 am the day before your delivery day to log into your account (or call us) and make any changes to your account. These changes may include substituting items, changing your box size, and adding items to your order.

Your order will then be delivered to your door, or other designated place, on your scheduled day of delivery. We hope you enjoy!

There are no commitments, so give us a try today!

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Site of the Week
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