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We have been amazed by how great the boxes are. You include a wide variety but it's all stuff we really want to eat, which is a difficult balance to achieve! My 18 month old gets excited every Tuesday and pushes the box into the kitchen, then hands me each vegetable to put away, proudly naming them as we go. A great foundation for healthy eating! -Megan Lehman
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$5.99 1 pt Clamshell
Tomatoes, Mixed Cherry
$4.99 12 oz
Spinach, Baby
$3.99 5 oz Clamshell
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Back Pedal, Medium roast coffee created with a well rounded blend of Brazilian and Sumantran beans creates a smooth buttery cup!
Blood Oranges and Minneola Tangelos..two of my favorite kinds of citrus! Both Delicious!
Cherry Valley Ghee and Herbed Rose Butter is back in Stock!
Gold Bunched Beets.. roast them, eat them warm, cold, room temp, it doesn't matter, they are equally delicious!