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I would like to say how much my girlfriend and I enjoy your service. We look forward to your deliveries as if they were presents-It truly is a gift to receive such superb quality fruits and vegetables! Thanks again for a wonderful service! -Ted Chen
This Week's Specials
Peas, Super Sugar Snap
$3.99 12oz bag
Radish, French Breakfast
$2.29 Bunch
$2.75 ea
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Washington Cherries for sale in 1.5lb bags!
More Gorgeous Super Sugar Snap Peas from Frog Song Farm
Beautiful locally grown Frisee available for sale
Freshly dug Red, white and blue new potatoes in paper bags with the dirt still on them! The farmer leaves the dirt since the skins are so delicate, they have not set yet. Just rinse and cook them as is.. no need to peel them