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just wanted to let you know I got my bin today. Thank you so much for delivering a second one! I really appreciate it. I value new roots and its services and commitment to quality and customer service so much. You guys are the best. Thanks again. -Abbey Carlstrom
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$3.99 bunch
Grapes, Red
$6.39 2 lbs
$2.99 bunch
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Quince Marmalade from Girl Meets Dirt..Can be used as a chutney, also great as a glaze on poultry or on a turkey sandwich or with any good aged cheese.
Ginger Granola Bar from Seattle Granola! A wonderful treat and easy grab and go item
We brought back Tough as Nails coffee from Middlefork! Always a favorite for dark roast coffee lovers. Smooth, rich and chocolatey
Kohlrabi! It's equally tasty raw or cooked. Slice it thin and make a winter slaw with carrots and sesame dressing, or roast it. You do need to peel the thick skin!