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I am so happy with the produce bin we receive every other week. You provide an exceptional range of fruits and vegetables. We could not choose a better bin of produce for ourselves. We also really appreciate the home delivery- since we sold our car last year, it really was the reason we chose your service. But it is the selection and quality of organic produce that have been so impressive. Thanks! -Sarah, Doug, and Leaf Eriksen
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$3.99 bunch
Grapes, Red
$6.39 2 lbs
$2.99 bunch
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Quince Marmalade from Girl Meets Dirt..Can be used as a chutney, also great as a glaze on poultry or on a turkey sandwich or with any good aged cheese.
Ginger Granola Bar from Seattle Granola! A wonderful treat and easy grab and go item
We brought back Tough as Nails coffee from Middlefork! Always a favorite for dark roast coffee lovers. Smooth, rich and chocolatey
Kohlrabi! It's equally tasty raw or cooked. Slice it thin and make a winter slaw with carrots and sesame dressing, or roast it. You do need to peel the thick skin!