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At New Roots Organics, we are aware that many of you are interested in having more organically delicious items delivered right to you. We currently offer just a limited amount of groceries, listed in this section, so please take the opportunity to enjoy them! We are very interested in expanding our product line along your desires, so please email us with any product requests that you can think of to [email protected].

Here is what we currently have in stock for you:

NEW! New Roots Organics Coffee
This combination of medium roasted Ethiopian Sidamo and dark roasted Guatemalan beans was hand-blended by the New Roots Organics crew especially for you. Warm and resonating with a mild spicy kick and a blueberry essence, this clean tasting coffee glides over your palate with an almost sweet aftertaste.

Sunny Honey
100% Natural. 100% Local.

"Our hives are located in and around four different certified organic vegetable an berry farms in Whatcom County, as well as three distinct Seattle area neighborhoods."

"Sunny Honey wants to look at beekeeping in the Northwest as a long term study, building ourselves year after year with stronger, healthier, more disease and mite-resistant bees...NATURALLY! We use absolutely no chemical treatments and never EVER feed HFCS to our bees. Good old fashioned labor-intensive, small scale beekeeping is our game!"

Middle Fork Roasters
Middle Fork Roasters offers only the freshest high quality roasts available.

Back Pedal Brew- which has rich bourbon and molasses undertones that lay the foundation for a sweet floral finish.

Tim's Tough as Nails Blend- For those who like it strong. A fine combination of Columbian and Guatemalan bring out a bold smoky tone with a superb spicy finish. Exceptionally bold and smooth.

Sol Colibri Coffee ($8.00 12 oz bag)
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The Coffee:
The coffee we sell... comes from small region in Costa Rica called Santa Maria Dota. My husband and I had the opportunity to visit the coffee farm during the harvest season. We were impressed by the bio-diversity of the land and the eco-conscious growing practices they embrace. And the coffee is delicous!

The Company:
Sol Colibri was started by Arturo Segura, and Shelly Gilespie in 1995. They now represent the largest aliance of Costa Rica farmer associations committed to developing a relationship with one another, their farms, and consumers. The Asociacion Alianza de Familias Productoras Organicas de Costa Rica gathers over 1800 small family farms of coffee and cocoa. Together they are
co-creating a connection that moves beyond any market mechanism given today to small family farmers. Direct trade provides real investment that supports and strengthens sustainability in communities that otherwise face severe challenges to their development.

The Product:
Sol Colibri's first intentions were to simply grow good organic coffee fruit. As we entered the coffee market we found a system that manipulated the farmer and disregarded the integrity of the environment, as well as isolated us in one area of the coffee economy. Prodded by the challenges of working in this system we decided to find the most direct way to connect our farm and coffee with the consumers.

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