New Roots Organics
What Is New Roots Organics?
New Roots Organics delivers fresh organic produce to the greater Seattle area. We also offer pastured chicken and duck eggs and several other hand selected organic grocery items.

How Our Service Works
We deliver a variety of seasonal fruit, vegetables, or mixed bins straight to your door. The contents change every week and it's easy to customize your order. Check out a video of how easy it is!.

New Roots Organics Farms About Our Farms
We proudly support organic agriculture and the people who keep it real.
Meet our farmers
What Our Customers are saying...
I'm incredibly happy with my produce bin! Raise those prices-I'll pay em! -Rebecca Roy
This Week's Specials
Avocados, Fuerte
$1.25 ea
Brussels Sprouts
$3.50 lb
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Blood Oranges, also known as Moro Oranges. Deep maroon color, fruit punch flavor!
Small sized Romanesco, the funky fractal looking bright green crucifer that tastes a lot like broccoli and cauliflower. Prepare it the same way.
Murcott Mandarins! A late season delicious mandarin
Fuerte Avocados, a little larger than the Hass that we usually carry