New Roots Organics
What Is New Roots Organics?
New Roots Organics delivers fresh organic produce to the greater Seattle area. We also offer pastured chicken and duck eggs and several other hand selected organic grocery items.

How Our Service Works
We deliver a variety of seasonal fruit, vegetables, or mixed bins straight to your door. The contents change every week and it's easy to customize your order.

New Roots Organics Farms About Our Farms
We proudly support organic agriculture and the people who keep it real.
Meet our farmers
What Our Customers are saying...
This service has been fantastic. It is so easy to sub items if I'm planning a specific event, and there's been no hiccups with anything. Everyone I've talked to has been friendly professional and understanding. Keep doing your thing! -Felicia
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Honey Gold "Two Bite" Potatoes. Roast them whole with a little olive oil and garlic, then toss with Rosemary and crunchy salt. Super creamy and delicious!
Spring Onions in bunches!
Honey Gold Grapefruit, super tasty, special variety, short window